Aquashield bannerstands

We love when our clients get creative with their projects. We recently worked with AquaShield, Inc. to produce some bannerstands that matched a previous display we had helped them with. AquaShield is a water treatment solutions company that sell products to help provide higher water quality. It may not seem terribly exciting, but the graphics designed for the booth and bannerstands are clean, simple, elegant, and beautiful. AquaShield sells many products that can be used together or as stand-alones, which is much like how they designed their bannerstands. When used together, the bannerstands provide a beautiful backdrop, or each banner stand can be used separately. 

When investing in larger displays or a combination of products, we always think it's best to design elements and pieces that when used together make an impressive booth, or if the need arise, pieces that can be used by themselves, but still get your messaging and brand across.

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