PA Group's Sophisticated New Booth



The Marketing Director for PA Group, Josh Davis, shared the following comments about his new booth design.  

"The goal with the new booth design was to break away from my past pattern of printing product and service information directly on our booth materials. As a software company and Microsoft Gold Partner, things tend to change fast and we run the risk of having anything we print being dated before we get the intended use out of it.

As our company has grown, we have also expanded the industries we serve with our software solutions. We got our start with certain types of manufacturing, and now we service manufacturing, distribution, public sector (government and education), retail, and fashion. I needed to create a booth that could be used in many different types of settings – from tradeshows to hotel conferences. I created a very simple and clean design that uses an image of manufacturing and an image of a conference room, which tells the story that we work in industrial and business settings. Then I’m able to mount up to three monitors and use video or slideshows to tell the more specific story for any event we’re involved in. The open concept of the booth gives me room to add sofas or other furniture as needed.

I’m very happy with our partnership with Dynamic Displays as our tradeshow company and the results they have produced for us."