Display Terms: Edition 2, Banner Stands

The bread and butter of the display world, bannerstands offer a simple, easy to use, and cost effective way to get a brand's message across. They come with multiple types of graphic substrates and print methods to accommodate all different types of uses and budgets. Banner stands can be used in a variety of settings from an accent to your larger display, to a stand alone in a lobby display, to a visual for a speaker, to use in conjunction with a table drape. Although they may seem simple, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to banner stands and which will suit your needs the best.

Types of banner stands:

      Retractable Banner Stands: the most common banner stand, this banner retracts into the stand with the graphic automatically rolling onto a cassette. They are compact and easy to assemble and withstand more long term wear and tear.
      Spring Back: using tension much like poles in a tent, the spring back banner stand features carbon or aluminum X-style hardware, secured in each corner or at the top and bottom. Perfect for single use and smaller budgets. 
       Telescopic Banner stand Telescopic Banner Stands: graphics contain pole pockets to hang the graphic, and can be customized in height and width.
       Outdoor banner stands: outdoor banner stands usually come with a weighted base or stakes to keep it from blowing over in the wind.

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