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Display Terms: Edition 1, Floor Displays for 10' Booths

The world of displays is vast. It can get confusing trying to remember what terms go with what displays, what kinds of fabrics are used, what the different print methods are, and the list goes on and on. Be confused no more! In this first article of a series, we will discuss different types of displays and the various benefits and challenges.

Popup Display with Fabric GraphicsPopup Display with Fabric Graphics
A popup display refers to a self-locking structure that easily expands and collapses. Top of the line popup displays feature steel-on-steel hubs that provide strength and stability. Newer, less expensive popup displays feature push locks and a single fabric graphics, attached via Velcro.Popup Display with Fabric GraphicsPopup Display with Fabric Graphics

    • Benefits: Lightweight, compact, graphics come pre-installed for ease of set-up, can be set up by one person
    • Challenges: typically not suited for holding monitors, typically cannot be added onto to make a larger displayPopup Display with Fabric Graphics

 Popup Display with Mural PanelsPopup with Mural Graphics

These displays use similar hardware but instead of fabric, mural panels are used. These are rollable plastic (usually polycarbonate) panels with magnetic strips on the sides and hanger bars at the top, that enable alignment on hardware.

    • Benefits: looks more professional, panels are easily replaced with carpet panels that allow for detachable graphics, 2 displays can be connected together to fit larger booths
    • Challenges: panels are more bulky to store and ship




Extrusion SystemsExtrusion System Display

Extrusion systems are comprised of interchangeable components that allow for great versatility and creativity in design. Aluminum extrusions (or bars) come with pre-installed connectors and allow for a variety of materials to be used within the display. Often referred to as custom modular displays.

    • Benefits: graphics are easily installed, offer a clean look, are easily customized, typically less expensive than true custom displays, light monitors and other accessories can be attached, pre-designed kits make selection easier
    • Challenges: requires more assembly time and sometimes tools, more costly to ship than popup displays


Truss SystemTruss System
A heavy duty and industrial looking system, truss displays are made with steel or aluminum. These displays are highly customizable with multiple add-ons and accessories available.

    • Benefits: graphics may be interchangeable, structurally able to hang LCD screens and other heavier accessories, long term durability, great for multi-level exhibits
    • Challenges: require more time and sometimes tools for assembly, require more than one person to set up


When it comes to choosing the right display, there are several things to keep in mind. At Dynamic Displays, we can use our years of expertise to help you assess which type of display will work best for you and your situation. Whether you have budget constraints, looking for a fresh look, have set-up limitations, or are new to the tradeshow world, we can help. Call us at 423.266.5879 to set your appointment today.