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Being Green While Exhibiting

 Being Green While Exhibiting

In a time where most consumers are making more conscious efforts to be green and less wasteful, your business can make a big impact on consumers by showing you care about being green as well. Investing in ways to reduce waste not only is beneficial to the environment but also beneficial for your company. There are many ways you can reduce waste when you're exhibiting at trade shows.



   no-literature   1. Reduce printed literature: an easy way to help prevent waste is to provide your literature on either a thumb drive or have an iPad set up to collect emails. Once an interested customer enters their email, you can send them a digital copy of your brochure. Not only does this reduce waste, but if you set up your system right, you already have gathered key information for potential leads, saving you time later on. Thumb drives can serve a dual purpose of being a nice promotional hand out while housing your digital literature. You'll also save on printing, shipping and delivery to your booth.




      2. Use LED Lighting: Most tradeshow lighting now comes with LED lights, which last longer and use less electricity. They are also brighter than traditional halogen bulbs.



      3. Invest in durable hardware: the best type of display for long term durability and flexibility are modular displays. These displays have hardware that can be reconfigured allowing you to get more use out of them. When it's time to update your messaging, all you need to do is update the graphics, saving on production costs. Modular displays also pack down smaller and are lighter in weight than traditional displays, cutting down on size and weight of shipping containers, saving you money in shipping, drayage, and storage costs.



      4. Buy recycled materials: another way to be environmentally friendly is to buy promotional products or displays made out of recycled materials (such 300x200-Recycled-Aluminum-Pen-and-Highlighteras recycled aluminum pens). Buy canvas totes, pens made with recycled aluminum, seed packets with your info printed on them, or one of the many other items that are eco-friendly. Just ask us to find products that fit that category.



Being eco-friendly is easy and could save you money. But don't just end with our suggestions! Be creative and look for other ways that will not only show your green side but also help you promote your brand and sustainability.