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Branding Your Sales Team 101

Branded nametags

Branding Your Sales Team

One of the easiest ways to increase brand recognition is to brand your sales people or company representatives. Half the battle of gaining new business is actually having someone remember your brand and what you do. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, maintaining a consistent image and message through your employees is key to good face-to-face marketing. Here are some ways in which you can brand your employees.

  • Clothing: One of the easiest and most common ways of branding employees is with clothing. Are you a service provider business? Provide legitimacy to your service reps with branded shirts, hats, or jackets. Sending your sales team to a tradeshow? A nice embroidered shirt ensures they'll be advertising for you even when they're not in your booth.
  • Office Supplies: provide your employees with branded notebooks, pens, thumb drives, briefcases or bags, and technology. Working at a coffee shop? Your branded computer will let everyone know who you're working for and even spur potential connections. At a networking event? A branded notebook or pen can increase brand recognition. An easy way to brand technology is with logoed cases or vinyl stickers.


  • Cars: It may seem cheesy, but magnetic signs or full car wraps are a great way to advertise for your business. Hand out stickers to your customers and you've doubled or tripled the amount of exposure to your brand. 


  • Stationery: In a world where most communication is digital, make sure to have branded stationery on hand. A hand written thank you note can be simple but shows extra effort put into your communication.


  • Nametags: Do you attend a lot of networking events? Be sure to have a branded nametag so others can tell from a glance who you are representing.

These are just few of the many ways to brand your employees. Any way you can put your logo and brand in front of potential clients, you should. Do you have a way that you brand your representatives? Let us know on our Facebook page or via Twitter! Use #dynamicbranding101 to tag your post!

Need help with getting branded apparel or items for your team? Give us a call at 423.266.5879!