Top 10 Display Accessories

So you're all set with your pop-up display, but you want to add a little extra pizzaz, and not sure where you want to start. When it comes to accessories or add-ons for your booth area, you want to make sure you're not detracting from your overall messaging or look. We've compiled a list of items that can either be used in conjunction with your display or on their own, all to help you be unique and stand out at your event.

table runner1. Printed Table Drape or Runner: Printed table drapes and runners come in either dye-sub printed or with a vinyl perma-logo. Vinyl perma-logos are typically best for one color logos, while we would recommend a dye-sub printing process for a multi-color logo.iPad-Holder silver vertical

2. iPad Stands: If you have an interactive tech element with your booth, an iPad stand is a great way to showcase that.

3. Breeze Displays: These mini-banner stands set on your table or counter and can be used for specialized messaging or for branding at a smaller event.

4. Literature Racks: Make room on your table or work space by getting a handy literature rack. Some displays come with add-on brochure racks, or you can get a free standing one. 

5. Lighting:
As you know, event halls can be dark or dimly lit, so help your booth stand out with lights. Whether you go with mini flood lights or a few overheads, well placed lighting will make your messaging pop!

6. Convertible Cases:
Use your case for more than packing your display in, and convert it to a countertop. Add a wrap with your logo or messaging and a counter top for additional work space.

7. High-Top Tables and Extra Seating:
Make your booth more welcoming for visitors with extra space for sitting and having a conversation. Combine it with a charging station and your booth will be irresistible!

300x200-Recycled-Aluminum-Pen-and-Highlighter8. Promotional Products:
Make sure you have the latest trend in swag to hand out as giveaways and help spread your message beyond the trade show 4

9. Carpet and Flooring: Make your booth feel like a completely different world with custom flooring. From hardwood looks, to turf, to carpet, the options are endless.

10. Display Additions: Many displays have accessories that add depth and dimension to your display such as monitors, rigid graphic accents, literature racks, or counters.


Many of these additions are low cost, but give your display a unique look and feel to help you look your best and draw people to your booth. Interested in learning more or getting a quote? Call us at 423.266.5879 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .