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Skuid, headquartered in Chattanooga Tennessee, allows companies to connect and interact with their data any way they wish. For companies who use software like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP or Sharepoint, Skuid offers a cloud UX platform to create enterprise applications.

Earlier this year, Skuid’s existing trade show booth was in need of a major overhaul. With a show on the horizon, Skuid worked with Dynamic Displays to create and produce new graphics to use on its existing hardware.

Skuid also needed a solution to service shows and employees based in different parts of the country. Skuid now utilizes Dynamic’s Exhibit Management Service to store and manage their tradeshow properties. Through this service, Skuid can be sure that their displays will show up and be ready to use. No missing or broken parts pass Dynamic’s check before items are shipped.

Donna McElrath, Skuid’s VP of Operations summed up the experience by saying, "Skuid offers a cloud UX platform for creating bespoke enterprise applications, so having a professional booth experience is important. Dynamic Displays' turnkey yet flexible approach led us through design, production, shipping and storage. And it happened within our tight timelines."

Skuid’s display shown here consists of a 10 ft. Nomadic Popup backwall and case-to-counter conversion.


PA Group's Sophisticated New Booth



The Marketing Director for PA Group, Josh Davis, shared the following comments about his new booth design.  

"The goal with the new booth design was to break away from my past pattern of printing product and service information directly on our booth materials. As a software company and Microsoft Gold Partner, things tend to change fast and we run the risk of having anything we print being dated before we get the intended use out of it.

As our company has grown, we have also expanded the industries we serve with our software solutions. We got our start with certain types of manufacturing, and now we service manufacturing, distribution, public sector (government and education), retail, and fashion. I needed to create a booth that could be used in many different types of settings – from tradeshows to hotel conferences. I created a very simple and clean design that uses an image of manufacturing and an image of a conference room, which tells the story that we work in industrial and business settings. Then I’m able to mount up to three monitors and use video or slideshows to tell the more specific story for any event we’re involved in. The open concept of the booth gives me room to add sofas or other furniture as needed.

I’m very happy with our partnership with Dynamic Displays as our tradeshow company and the results they have produced for us."


Grain Craft at IBIE



Grain Craft, the nation’s largest independent flour milling company, provides a wide variety of premium flours for everything from pizza to bread to tortillas.  

Grain Craft used its booth at the International Baking Industry Exposition, held in October in Las Vegas, to introduce its customers to its new name.  Previously customers were more familiar with one of the three milling companies under the Grain Craft umbrella.

Because Grain Craft exhibits on a limited basis, it made more sense to rent the hardware and furniture to use at IBIE.  Grain Craft worked with Dynamic Displays to create a 20 foot backwall with integrated electronics, lights and literature racks.  White carpet, brushed aluminum and light wood, created an environment as airy as the flour they mill. The stunning graphics were created by The Johnson Group in Chattanooga, Tennessee.